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Professional Training Plan

Before joining us, you may wish a professional to assess your cycling level, or provide guidance on preparing yourself ahead of your journey. 

First of all, we wish to reassure you, BéloVélo Journeys are designed to suit all cyclists, whether you are a novice or peloton old timer.
If you feel the need to obtain some professional advise, upon confirmation of your journey, Denis Roux (Chief Cycling Officer) will contact you to exchange on your fitness level, or even assist to design a personalised training plan, easy to stick to even with a busy schedule, Denis will consider your weekly mileage, along with the chosen itinerary and time left before your journey.

During your BéloVélo’ Journey, before your daily ride, you will select a group level (choice of many mileage and speed average), depending on how you feel, you may also switch groups throughout the day.