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BéloVélo: Who are we?

Suffer on the bike, We look after the rest !

Since my childhood, I have always been passionate about cycling, but I quickly realized that a professional career was beyond my reach. Attracted by travel and the hospitality industry, I worked for 20 years as an expat for various hotel luxury brands. I always traveled with my bike, which allowed me to meet people outside the 5* universe. During my last position in Osaka, I often rode with Japanese cyclists. I was able to feel the desire of many to ride on the roads of the Tour de France, but without knowing how to proceed: BéloVélo was born. 
In 2019, we hosted our first BéloVélo journeys, we had the pleasure of bringing guests to climb Mont-Ventoux, Col du Galibier hours before  a Tour de France stage and to explore the French Riviera. Unfortunately, a few months afterwards, our "friend" COVID paid us a visit. As a consequence, it did send BéloVélo into sleeping mode, to allowing us sufficient time to recapitalize, re-organize the whole logistic and to promote again our memorable cycling journeys.  

Do you want to see how does it look like? Check out the below videos. 

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We LOVE bikes as much as you do.


BéloVélo's team has carefully picked "La Crême de la Crême" for your standard bike selection, 
Fancy riding a Pro-machine ? check out our World Tour selection

Bike selection & selected Journey
We have selected the best machines based on the terrain. For each journey corresponds a specific bike selection.

Upgrade your bike:
Our standard selection offers a choice of great bikes. Do you wish to find out what it feel like riding a machine similar to the Pro’s ?
Check out our Elite and World Tour selection.

Bike availibility :
We do our utmost to provide you with your desired machine. We may on occasions, meet some challenges to provide you with the bike of your choice.
In such instances, we will closely liaise with you, to identify suitable alternatives to offer you a memorable ride.  

Ride on your own bike
As passionate cyclists, we fully understand you. If you wish to obtain more ressources on how to fly with your bike  : A guide to flying with bicycles ,
If you have already decided to ship your bike separately, we would advise you to check out bikeflights. Why do we recommend bikeflights ?
They have already served 1,2 Millions cyclist . They are the Official Tour de France bicycle shipping service since 2019. 
For the hassle of travelling with your baby, we wish to reward you with a € 150 discount (75 for 3 days package )

Bike Maintenance :
We all love riding, but often hate the “mechanic” part ! When riding with us, you’lll leave the boring stuff to us.
After each ride, we will check, fix, grease whenever necessary and clean your machine. This also applies when riding on your own bike.
The following morning you will find your bike in pristine condition


Standard & E-Bikes *

Provence & Mont Ventoux and French Riviera & Monaco

~TREK EMONDA SL6 Disc ~~~ Ultegra 11 Speed

Perfect for the plains or mountain

~ Pinarello Nytro (e-bike), ~~Ultegra 11 Speed

A 100 % carbon Italian “marvel” with an E-Boost

~TREK Domane LT (e-Bike)~~Ultegra 11 Speed

The latest e-bike from TREK

~Lapierre Xelius SL6.0 ~~ Ultegra 11 Speed

An incredibly light & lively bike

Mythical Climbs of the Alpes & Tour de France Week

Wilier Garda Shimano 105, 12 speed

The ideal Italian climbing machine


Provence & Mont Ventoux and French Riviera & Monaco

Pinarello Prince ~~ Ultegra Di2, 11 Speed

Perfectly combines comfort & performance

(add €150)

World Tour

Provence & Mont Ventoux and French Riviera & Monaco

~ PINARELLO Dogma F10 ~ Dura Ace

Ride a Tour de France PRO machine

(add €450)

Pinarello Dogma F12 , Dura Ace, Di2, 11 Sp

Bike of the Year 2020

(add €600)

Mythical Climbs of the Alpes & Tour de France Week

Wilier Zero SL -Ultegra Di2,12 Sp

Try out the latest technology in the greatest cycling arena on earth!

(add €350)

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Bikes we enjoy riding
Bikes we enjoy riding
Insurance to cover you & your travel
Equipment to perform father & safer

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