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BéloVélo Bike Clinic

Improve your skills, and enjoyment on the saddle.

Recently, you may have fallen in love with cycling, but feel a lack of technical bases and confidence. We are here to help!

Thanks to his wealth of experience in the Tour De France' peloton and as a Directeur Sportif (coach), Denis Roux has come up with "BéloVélo Bike Clinic".

BéloVélo Bike Clinic has been designed to help you to improve your skills, techniques, and safety to enjoy each ride to the fullest.

Before each ride, Denis or one of our Road Captain will run a BéloVélo Bike Clinic session. Here are a few examples of topics covered :

Bike handling skills

How and when to choose the appropriate gear change

How to safely drink, eat while on the bike  

Pedaling technique

Climbing and downhill techniques,

Peloton tips, nutrition & mechanical advises.