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Non cycling

 Non-Cycling programme


We do understand that not everyone is as passionate about cycling as us, but still wishes to enjoy the journey. In order to create superb memories for both our cycling and non-cycling guests, we came up with an exciting programme :  


  • Follow “Madame" or "Monsieur” in the assistance vehicle, and understand how one feels when climbing a 1,600 meters mountain.
  • Do you wish to ride, with relative ease, along with your partner? Complimentary Electric bike available.  
  • Spend a morning learning cooking tips from a Michelin Chef and enjoy over lunch the dishes you cooked earlier on.
  • Tour the region with a dedicated private guide (half-day).
  • Relax while enjoying a massage (1-hour-treatment).
  • Remain in the hotel to simply enjoy the facilities and swimming pool.

This is only a suggested program we will be pleased to personalise your experience.