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Booking:How does it work?


Booking your BéloVélo journey in 7 easy steps 

For your peace of mind, please note that all our Journey are confirmed, no minimum number of riders is required, as soon as you have confirmed your BéloVélo journey, you may proceed with your travel arrangements.

1) Pick on your journey, based on your bike abilities, time of the year, budget

2) Source your corresponding pre/post travel arrangements 

In/outbound flights, pre/post stay in hotels, flights/ TGV tickets to your Belovelo journey starting city. Although we are not a travel agent, we are here to assist. Do not hesitate to contact us for any advice, question. 

3) Discounts

You may be eligible to one of our exciting discounts 
If you are planning to travel with friends, you may be surprised to discover that you are elligible for a discount as soon as your party reaches 4 people. click here to check it out

4) Added charges

For all our BéloVélo journeys, we do meet our guests at the nearest corresponding TGV station. If you wish us to arrange a transfer from/to an Airport), we will be happy to do so (extra charges may apply). Based on your flight details, we will agree on a suitable time to welcome you and bring you back to the airport. 
Whilst we do offer an exciting top of the line bike range, you may be tempted to try out your dream machine during your journey. Click here to check our bike selection 

5) Your booking & Payment

A € 750 deposit is required to secure your spot, 
Payment, in full, of the remaining balance, is required at least 30 days before the start of your journey.

6) Personal & Riders information

Upon payment of your remaining balance, we will confirm all your personal preferences (dietary requirements, travel arrangments..) and your cycling related choices (bike type, size).

7) Train hard 

Carry on cycling regularly with a goal in mind : get those legs spinning.
Once you join us you will surprise yourself on some Tour de France routes and will fully enjoy the experience