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We LOVE bikes as much as you do!

We’ve carefully selected “La Crème de la Crème” ,giving you the opportunity to ride similar material as the Pros du Peloton.
All our bikes are 100% Carbon, equipped with at least Ultegra Di2 groupset, the crank and cassette set-up are adapted for each itinerary. If you wish a specific set-up, please feel free to contact us. 

Bike Maintenance: We all love riding, but often hate the maintenance part. When joining us, you'll leave the boring stuff to us. After each ride, we will check your bike, maintain and clean it. The following morning, you will find your bike in pristine condition

Bringing your OWN bike :  As passionate cyclists, we do fully understand that some of you may wish to bring your own "baby". No distinction, whether the bike is supplied by BéloVélo or yours, you will enjoy the same service. Throughout the week we will maintain, clean, your bike as it was ours. Cherry, on the cake! You will get a € 150 discount (€50 for 3 day Journeys) Here’s a few useful info to assist you with the logistic:
flying with your bike: as long as you do not exceed your luggage, major airlines will not charge any additional fare, check Flying with your Bike
shipping your bike separately: perfect If you wish to travel, before/after enjoying a BéloVélo journey. To check destinations, cost: Shipping your Bike


~TREK Domane S L 7 ~~~ Ultegra Di2 Compact

Riding electronic, you will adopt it !

~ TREK Silque, Female Fit ~~ Ultegra Compact

Superb female fit, comfort & speed

~ PINARELLO Prince Disk ~~ Ultegra Di2

A 100 % carbon Italian “marvel”

Premium (€300)

~ TREK Emonda SLR8 ~~ Dura-Ace

An incredibly light & lively bike

Elite (€500)

~PINARELLO Dogma F10 Disk Dura Ace Compact

Ride a Tour de France PRO machine

Wheel Option (€250)

Mavic Cosmic Tubeless

Roll, Accelerate, Climb with less effort

E-bikes (non riding partner)

TREK, Neko plus Female Fit

The perfect Female Fit E-Bike

TREK Dual sport

The ultimate e-bike that combines comfort with performance