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Why BeloVelo ?

A Word about BéloVélo

We are a premier tour operator specializing in unique, all inclusive luxury cycling holidays on mythical Tour de France routes.

Our concept is simple :

Suffer on the bike, We look after the rest !


BéloVélo: The Origins

Since my earliest memories, cycling has been a profound passion of mine. However, as I grew older, I came to terms with the reality that a professional cycling career was not within my grasp. Drawn to the realms of travel, gastronomy, and the richness of human connections, I naturally found myself immersed in the world of luxury hospitality. Over the course of two decades spent abroad, I traversed the globe while always keeping my bike close at hand. Cycling became more than just a hobby; it was a means of exploration, a gateway to connect with communities beyond the confines of five-star establishments.

During my tenure in Osaka, Japan, I forged bonds with local cyclists, embarking on rides that transcended language barriers and cultural differences. It was during these journeys that I began to notice a recurring theme: a latent desire among enthusiasts to experience the thrill of cycling on the legendary roads of the Tour de France. Yet, despite their passion, many were unsure of how to turn this dream into reality.

The seed of opportunity was planted, but I hesitated to act, content in the comforts of my expatriate lifestyle. However, fate had other plans. Six months later, an encounter with a Japanese grandmother altered the trajectory of my life. Hurtling down a road at 40 km/h, I found myself confronted by a car that abruptly veered into my path. With split-second reflexes, I aimed for the wheels, executing a daring maneuver that sent me soaring over the car's bonnet before landing with a jarring thud. The diagnosis: a dislocated shoulder and a double fracture.

At the ER, the doctors put me to sleep to put back the shoulder in place without telling me (in English or French !), hence I had a "bad trip". I saw myself dying in Japan. This event dramatically changed my view on my life. The following 2 weeks of recovery translated into an introspection on my life.I had travelled, had lots of fun for the last 20 years, but was still single without a family. However, my discussion with my fellow Japanese riders resurfaced. If I had a family I would not have the "B...s" to take the risk of dropping my comfortable life, to start a new challenge. I had a close brush with death, I was sitting on a superb idea that combined my hospitality experience along with my passion. In that moment of vulnerability, I realized that I held within my grasp a concept that merged my expertise in hospitality with my unwavering passion for cycling. I refused to let fear or complacency hold me back from pursuing this vision. BéloVélo was more than just a business venture; it was a testament to seizing opportunities, to living life without regret. And so, with renewed determination and a newfound sense of purpose, I embarked on the journey to bring my dream to fruition.

In 2019, we hosted our first BéloVélo journeys, we had the pleasure of bringing guests to climb Mont-Ventoux, Col du Galibier hours before a Tour de France stage and to explore the French Riviera. Unfortunately, a few months afterwards, our "friend" COVID paid us a visit. As a consequence, it did send BéloVélo into sleeping mode, to allowing us sufficient time to recapitalize, re-organize the whole logistic and to promote again our memorable cycling journeys.


Suffer on the bike, we look after the rest !  

  • We've tested all the hotels and restaurants to ensure your journey'comfort and authenticity 
  • For your peace of mind, all meals & beverages (wines & water) are included 
  • We do select restaurants that exclusively serve local & market fresh cuisine 
  • Feel serene, we'll cater all your specific dietary needs 
  • No worries for your cloth : Daily laundry of your cycling kit 
  • Our itinineraries include at least one Mythical Tour De France route, mixing balanced & challenging efforts
  • All our journey are guided by a team of passionate & certified road captains
  • All our road captains are top mechanics & first aiders
  • Feel secure at all times, our support vehicle follows you for any mechanical or refuelling (bidons, gel) needs
  • Enjoy riding on world premium bikes, without worrying about the mechanic
  • Relax, after each ride, we will maintain, clean your bike in pristine condition 
  • Sharpen your bike handling skills with our daily Bike Clinic
  • Enjoy a genuine cycling camaraderie, in a relaxed but refined atmosphere
  • Relax, we"ll handle all transfer (to/from TGV station) & luggage transfer during your journey  
  • Experience an exciting personalized program for non-cycling guests.